Hi I love love your painted stones!! I know that your an artist but, I was wondering if you have a “how to paint a rock” or the type of paints you use. Any help would be great! Thanks so much for your help. Allison


Hi Allison! Thank You for the sweet note!

Actually I rarely post any of my own work as I am sadly lacking in photography skills. My blog is mostly just a curation of other people’s awesome work, with links back to the original source.

That being said, I would love to help you find your way on your creative journey!

Some of my favorite artists in this media are:

Another lovely Blog with lots of Tips & Tutorials and even a Video for making these lacy mandala stones below:

Plus I have gathered together a few tutorials you may find helpful for various other kinds of stone painting:

How to make Garden Markers by Painting Stones, from Adventure in a Box.


How to make Painted Rock Magnets, from Alisa Burke.


Decoupaged Story Stones by Emily Neuburger, on Sew Mama Sew.


Heat Embossed Stones, from Thrive 360 Living.


From JoyRox: How to make your own Joy Rock:


Thank You Allison for the inspiration for yet another crafty endeavor!

Now excuse me, I gotta go out and find some rocks……