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Community Depot Archives – Tape Depot

Holy moly, you guys!! On whim, I submitted my cardmaking as something I do with their tape…and they put it on their Website!!! They even called me (I missed the call) and left a message saying how stunning my cards are. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m so excited!

Chris from the Tape Depot has asked me to spread the word to my fellow crafters about their Community Depot of theirs so they can feature more of us. If you have ever used their tape, I encourage you to follow this link and submit your work.

I’m not just saying this because I was featured, I’ve used their tape for years, so I tell everyone who uses a tape gun about The Tape Depot’s prices and their great customer service, they’re the best out there. My daughters use this tape, and I even gifted my best friend a tape gun and had an order of the tape sent to her, so she’s a fan as well.

The first time I ordered a different sized tape, I received a call from their customer service making sure I was ordering the correct tape. I had picked up a new tape gun and it took a wider tape, so the rep talked me through it to make sure what I ordered would fit that particular tape gun. I really appreciated knowing they cared enough to call me. I mean, how many companies have called you out of the blue to double check your order?

I almost forgot! They offer FREE shipping! This is the tape I get for my ATG (tape gun). It’s the standard size 1/4″ rolls, 12 of them for only $26. Other craft stores around here charge $9.99 for two rolls for the pink ATG, so this is a fantastic price.

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