Understanding The Scant 1/4 Inch Seam

When doing patchwork, especially when stitching something like a quilt block that has a lot of smaller pieces, the scant quarter inch seam is vital to your block turning out to be the correct size, and will also determine whether the points match or are chopped off, etc. When I first started quilting, I didn’t know the difference between the scant quarter inch seam versus the regular quarter inch seam. It’s a tiny, easy adjustment to make, and I wish I’d known about it BEFORE I made my husband the quilt that is lovingly named “Triangle Massacre” because none of the blocks came out to the correct size, and none of the triangle points matched. 😉 He still uses it and loves it just the same, but it sure left me scratching my head for a long time trying to figure out what I’d done wrong!