archiemcphee: Japanese Mukimono artist Gaku (previously featured…


Japanese Mukimono artist Gaku (previously featured here) continues to amaze us with his skill using an x-acto knife to carve intricate patterns and traditional motifs on vegetables and pieces of fruit. In addition to being incredibly precise, Gaku also has to work quickly in order to complete each carving before the piece of produce he’s using starts to change color.

Last month Gaku also demonstrated his ability to create grasshoppers out of blades of grass:


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[via Colossal]

Zipper Bow Tie

I love how mine turned out, thanks for the great idea! (see Zipper Bow Tie instructions by Cat Morley). Note: my main bow loop was made with a ~10″ rather than 7″ length. This made for about a 4+” finished bow width, which was easier to work with re: the wider metal zipper, and looks in proportion on the neck. I started with zippers that were about 16″ long, and hand-sewed the cinching zipper closed at the back center of the bow. I also used a wide fabric ribbon for the neck instead of a 3rd zipper. Now it just needs a party invite… 🙂