Lego Candle’s

I made a set of nine Lego themed candles for my brother’s ninth birthday and like an idiot forgot to take a photo of all the finished candles :} Derp.

But here is a rough guide on how I made the first of the batch, though you are more than welcome to make bricks (like I did) and an assortment of other Lego shapes.

P.S. this is a recreation of a tutorial on Instructables that is pretty awesome. In the tutorial the man uses sugru and makes both the back and the front of the Lego character, I only make the front face with definition. Instructable link:

If you want to get fancy you could even follow this Youtube tutorial to make your lego candles stackable by modifying it slightly:

Diy Abstract Art

Artwork is one of those things that can totally MAKE a home. Inject a room with artwork that you love, and all of a sudden it will feel so much more personal and like you. It brings the life to a space, you know? The hump that people sometimes face is that it can be expensive. Thing is though, if you look around and get creative, there are so many budget-friendly ways to bring interesting artwork into your home (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to collecting DIY artwork ideas). I recently needed a piece for above our mint and gold buffet, and had a very specific colour scheme and look in mind (and a zero budget). The solution? Paint my own DIY abstract art.