Making Your Own Letter Rack

Recycling or re-using various sorts of junk, is nowadays not only desirable, but really important. In this article you will find out how you can actually employ unwanted items in small creative projects. Not only junk can still be practical, but if you have enough imagination you could make it look good and fit your interior.

Most of the time we throw way such things, simply because we don’t see them as something we can decorate with. For this, reason I will inspire you to something more creative. Do you happen to have an old wooden dish drainer rack? Don’t throw it away just yet, because together we can turn it into a letter rack. You could use letter racks to hold not only letters, but keys, newspapers etc. They will look great in your hallway.

Water Bending Scroll

These were kind of hard to make with out a tutorial, but I collected enough data to help me make my own bending scrolls, of course I asked for permission from the man who actually made exact replicas of the water bending scrolls contents, and made other bending scrolls as well. I did All four elements (not including spirit bending, water bending scroll part 2, or lighting bending.) but right now the only one thats finished is the water bending one.

scroll contents are based on this guys: