Continuous Loop Bias Binding

There are two ways to create your own bias binding. The continuous loop method allows you to get 100″ of binding from a 10×10″ square.

Bottled Treasure Necklace

It’s nice to have mementos and memories with us at all times. This necklace gives you the chance to preserve and even wear small bits of those memories. For this pendant, I used sand and tiny shells from a memorable vacation. However; glitter, beads, leaves, rocks, watch parts, rhinestones, dirt, a lock of hair, or…

Tater Tot Hot Dish

Don’t you dare call this a casserole! Hot dish is the official food of Minnesota. Variations abound but this one covers the basics. Put your own spin on it and enter it in a hot dish contest! (yes that is something you can do here). Quick to prepare, and warm and filling for those long…

Fantastic Tile And Grout Cleaner

Keep your bathroom’s tile, tub, and grout fresh all the time. Clean sans harsh chemicals with this wonderful homemade cleaner.

Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe

If the store is away from your home and you are run out of window washing detergent, then you can easily make your own with the products you have at home. It’s a pretty easy recipe with which your windows will sparkle.

Homemade Upholstery Cleaning Paste

This cleaning recipe is very appropriate for cleaning small spots on upholstery without getting the upholstery too wet in the process.

Amazing Window Glass Cleaner

Although no one likes to do windows, having a good window cleaner goes a long way to making this cleaning job easier.

Wonderful Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe

This floor cleaner recipe is definitely one of the best ones. It helps cleaning sticky juice spills, ground-in grease, tracked-in mud, and grime. It also works on pretty much all floor types. If you have an office and you want to cut down on bills for cleaning solution this is exactly for you!